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About Us

Welcome to the world of medical excellence in Africa brought to you by Panacea Lifecare. If you or your near one are looking for a Quality treatment in India at reasonable price, we assure you that your search ends here.

We have extensive experience in Medical service Industry. We have already sent hundred of patients from Africa to India for treatment. We can provide you unbiased opinion with regard to choice of medical facility, the specialist & cost estimate for medical treatment in a clear and transparent manner.

The hospital vetted & empanelled by us are all multi faculty facility with national & international accreditation, which ensure standard of ethical and quality medical treatment

Our team provides full assistance in providing visa for you & your assistance, best comfort during your stay and post medical care once you are back.

We are committed to give you best possible satisfaction.
Visa assistance to procure Indian Medical visa
Seamless Travel & Sightseeing arrangements.