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Treatment Cost

ACL Reconstruction

  • ACL Reconstruction Surgery cost in Indiaranges from USD 3500 to USD 4500.
  • The estimated days in hospital are5 days and 12 days outside the hospital.
  • ACL reconstructions are highly successful with asuccess rate of more than 98%.
  • Tests to assess ACL rupture are Lachman Test, Anterior Drawer Test and Pivot Shift Test.

Treatment Cost

ACL Reconstruction Price

USD 3,200

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More About Treatment

Type of ACL Reconstruction
Selection of Graft

The surgical ACL reconstruction isdone using grafts,these grafts maybe

  • Autografts–tendons from patients own body usually
    • Quadriceps tendon graft or
    • Hamstring tendon graft or
    • The patellar tendon graft
  • Allograft– tendons taken from the deceased donor. Usually autografts are preferred over allograft as the likelihood of rupturing again is minimalas also the chances of secondary infection less and Hamstring tendon autograft has an added advantage that it regenerates over time making the graft more stable.

Symptomsof ACL Rupture are
  • Severe Pain
  • Swelling in the injured knee
  • Loss of stability while walking and loss of motion range
  • Many hear or feel a Pop in knee when ACL injury occurs


It is important to have accurate diagnosis and knowledge severity of injury

  • Clinical examination:Physical examination is done to understand the type of injury wherein the doctor will access the function of knee joint by moving it in different positions.
  • Pivot shift test:One of the main tests to understand ACL injury or laxity , it tells about the unstability. If test is positive a subluxation will occur at 20 to 40 degree of flexion which shows ACL damage.
  • Anterior drawer test:Clinically done in cases of suspected cruciate ligament rupture, the patient is made supine , with hip flexed at 45 degree , knee flexed to 90 degree, hamstring relaxed, and then pulled posterior to anterior direction, excessive displacement of tibia anteriorly suggests that ACL has traveling tear.
  • Lachman test:Also clinically performed by the orthopedician to diagnose rupture of anterior cruciate ligament, if the test is positive there will be increased forward/upward movement of tibia and a significant soft end point when this movement ends.

Helpful:Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Medical Investigations
  • X-ray to rule out fracture
  • MRI to evaluate ACL injury and also to see if there is more damage to other knee ligaments, tendons
  • Routine tests to declare you fit for surgery

During the Procedure
  • The surgeon will make around 2-3 small incisions around the damaged knee.
  • An arthroscope that is a thin tube fitted with a fibre optic camera which allows the surgeon to see inside the knee clearly is inserted through one of the incision.
  • First of all the torn ACL is removed and the area is cleaned.
  • Through the other incision surgical drills are put in and small holes are made into the femur and the tibia.
  • The graft is then passed through these holes and held in place with screws or plugs or staples.
  • During the surgery if the surgeon feels the other ligaments , tendons , cartilage of the knee are also damaged he may repair them.
  • Incision in skin then closed with stitches or staples.
After Procedure
  • Care is to be taken to keep the incision area dry and clean to avoid infection.
  • You may need towear a knee brace for 1-4weeksas also you will need physical rehabilitation to help gain back the stability and function of the knee joint which may take around 4-6 months.

Clickhereto see video of Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Factors Affecting the Cost of ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Following are the factors which will affect the treatment cost:

  • The hospital the patient is opting for
  • Room– Standard single room, deluxe room, super deluxe room for the number of nights specified (including nursing fee, meals, room rate, and room service)
  • Operating room, ICU charges
  • Fee for the team of doctors (Surgeons, Anesthetist, Physiotherapist, Dietician)
  • Medicines
  • Standard test and diagnostic procedures
  • Cost of the follow– up care which is required after the procedure
  • Hospitals in India provide ACL– reconstruction treatment at a cost that comfortably comes under the patient budget
Recovery from ACL Reconstruction

Patient may have to wear a knee brace for the first 1 to 4 weeks & may needto wear crutchesfor 1 to 4 weeks. A follow-up appointment with the doctor or surgeon will be within a few weeks of surgery. Complete recovery will often take 4 to 6 months.


Q: What is the ACL Reconstruction cost in India?
A:ACL Reconstruction cost in Indiavaries betweenUSD 3500 to USD 4500. The cost may fluctuate depending on other factors including hospital patient is selecting, the number of days spent in and outside the hospital, number of travelers, ICU charges, fee of the team of doctors and more.

Q: What are the main reasons for ACL Rupture?
A: It is the most common ligament injury of the knee seen in sportsperson mainly happens while sports or other high-intensity physical activities that put pressure on knee, or as a result of direct injury to knee, jumping and landing incorrectly, suddenly reducing pace and changing direction of movement simultaneously.

Q: Do all the ACL tears require surgery?
A: Not all ACL tears require surgery, but

  • if have a complete ACL tear
  • if you are a sports person and require knee strength as your occupation
  • have also injured other parts of the knee
  • have already undergonephysiotherapy and rehab without muchimprovement in pain and joint stability.

Q: Is ACL Reconstruction surgery risky procedure?
A:No, it’s a safe surgery, but complications may arise like:

  • Infections
  • Blood clotting in legs
  • Damage to other vessels, nerves during surgery
  • In some patients, screws may cause problem and require removal
  • In some they may be a problem in graft tendon

Q: What are the factors on which the success of surgery depends?
A: Successful ACL surgery depends on many factors but the significant ones are selection of graft, placement of graft in bone tunnel and fixation of the graft as also the postoperative rehabilitation.

Q: How long after ACL Reconstructive surgery can I return to sports?
A: Usually it takes8-12 monthsalongside physical rehabilitationto fully recoverto be able to get back to sports.

Q: Can ACL injuries be prevented?
A: Yes, by doing strengthening exercises of the core muscles and wearing proper sports gearto prevent sport injury, improve jumping and landing techniques.

Q: What are the long-term success rate of ACL reconstructive surgery?
A: ACL reconstructive surgery is a very common surgery and thesuccess rate for these surgeries is around 80-90%.