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Treatment Cost

Deep Brain Stimulation

  • The estimated cost of Deep Brain Stimulation in India ranges between18000 USD with non-rechargeable - 25000 USD with rechargeable.
  • The hospital stay is 3 days and 7 days outside the hospital.
  • Tests required before DBA are MRI, CT Scan, tests for memory, mood and thinking.
  • This is FDA approved therapy with success rate of more than 95%.

Treatment Cost

Deep Brain Stimulation Price
USD 25,000
( 1,863,501 Indian Rupee )
No. of Travellers
Days in Hospital
Days Outside Hospital
Total days in India

More About Treatment

  • First these areas are located. One way to locate the target areas are by computed tomography (CT)ormagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)scan.
  • Once the correct location is identified, permanent electrodes are implanted.
  • The loose ends are placed underneath the skin of the head and the incision is closed withsutures.
  • Patient receives general anaesthesia for the placement of the impulse generator in the chest and the positioning of extension wires that connect the electrodes to the impulse generators.
  • Stimulator is usually not turned on for 4-6 weeks after the surgery.
  • It may take several months until the simulators andmedicationsare adjusted sufficiently for patients to receive adequate symptom relief.

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How effective is Deep Brain Stimulation?

With deep brain stimulation, majority of people (over 70%) have experienced a significant improvement of symptoms related to Parkinson's disease. Most people are able to reduce their medications.

What should be expected after a Deep Brain Stimulation?

Patient may feel tired and sore but will be given medication and kept comfortable after the procedure. Also, patient may have irritation or soreness around the stitches and pin sites.

The average hospital stay after thesurgery is 24 to 48 hours.